Warning Sirens

The county warning sirens are tested monthly during April thru October. The tests are held on the first Friday at noon. People can submit reports via amateur radio or by phone. A report consists of your name, the major intersection location of the siren, the city the siren is located in, whether it is rotating and if the siren is sounding loudly.

Reporting Methods


Kent County Siren Reporting Form

Amateur Radio

A warning siren net will be held at 12:05 PM after the siren activations. Amateur Radio operators can submit their report on any of the following repeaters.

  • V1 – 145.27/R 94.8 PL
  • U1 – K8SN – 442.175 103.5 PL


Example Reports

  • Example #1 – This is Joe Miller. The siren located at 5th & Main in Cascade Township was activated, rotating and sounding loudly.
  • Example #2 – This is Sandy Jones. The siren located at 55th & Market did not activate.

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